What is the Japanese toothpaste offers European consumers?


The Land of the rising sun is known for its innovations in many areas. Recently on the Russian market, the Japanese toothpaste, the attribute of the unique properties appeared. The manufacturer claims that it plombiruet teeth. A bold statement, but how true?

Oral care is the dominant factor for dental health. Not only the technique for cleaning the teeth, but also the properly selected means for Hygiene to ensure freshness in the mouth, as well as protection from karioznogo destruction of tooth enamel and Dentin.

In the choice of toothpaste the attention to composition is important. Familiar with the list of components that you can see whether your application is the benefit or harm to the health.

Tooth pastes from Japan

In the development of the resources at the disposal of the cavity of the mouth, Japanese scientists are trying to the composition of the Paste for maximum natural. For this purpose, natural abrasives, extracts of various medicinal plants, essential oils apply. Because of such developments, it is possible for teeth cleaning without harm for health.

Tooth pastes, made in Japan, allow for the care of the oral cavity, without dangerous exposure to the chemical components of the teeth and the whole organism. One of the dangerous ingredients for melting is an abrasive, whereby the mechanical cleaning of the solid substances of Plaque and food debris accumulate.

In the case of a too large size of the particles scratches emalevogo layer, the thinning and reduction of the protective properties. Pathogenic micro-flora in the location of the populated microuglublenija on the surface of the tooth. In cracks clogged with Plaque, the clean itself. All of this leads to the fact that the process of demineralization of tooth enamel, under the action of acids, it starts produced in the process of vital activity of bacteria, and it is, ultimately, tooth decay.

Most of the funds for the cleaning of the teeth contains in the composition of the abrasive component siliku or other chemical compounds. It's a pretty gross substance, the particles are able to damage emalevyi layer.

Japanese Paste, unlike many others, contains natural components, which do not violate the integrity of the surface of the tooth and the soft, gentle effect. Also in its composition aromatic natural additives often contain, so that the fresh breath after brushing and makes the process for the care of the oral cavity pleasant.


In Japan, a variety of pastes for teeth cleaning is, however, only some of them are in the domestic market. To find In a shop hardly means the Japanese production. To buy this Paste in the location, in large supermarkets or Online stores specializing in the sale of cosmetics from the Land of the rising sun.

For smokers and coffee Fans, there are means contain particular substances, to get rid of pigmentirovannogo Plaque attractiveness and smile back.

In case of problems with the gums and bleeding in the composition of the tooth pastes are added, extracts from plants, which have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. In such spreads often in the composition of the compounds of the mineral salts that restore the Balance and, thanks to osmotichskim qualities, be able to recognize the fragility of the vessel walls reducing.

A large number of toothpastes protivokarioznymi. This effect is due to the inclusion in the composition of the means of fluoric compounds. When you purchase you pay attention to the dosage of the fluorine, as its excess can lead to negative consequences for Dental and obzhesomaticheskogo health. The recommended prophylactic dose for adults should not exceed 1800-2000 ppm, and for the children, depending on age, 400-1000 ppm.

Pasta, the teeth plombiruet


A few years ago there were some reports about the wonderful Japanese toothpaste, the plombiruet teeth. This shocking statement has a lot of discussion, and as among professionals and in the ranks of the normal consumer. How true is this Information?

Dentist from Japan, Kazue Yamagishi, of the is doctor of medical Sciences, several years studying the unique properties of the enamel and tried a substance, similar to that in the crystal structure of the natural tooth tissue. The creation of artificial tooth enamel allow you to bring novelty methods in the treatment of damaged teeth, as well as an efficient prevention of dental caries.

How does it work?

Secret ingredient Pasta is the stuff that reminds you about the composition of the main component of the crystal lattice of the tooth enamel. The effect of the Paste begins in the Moment of their contact with the tooth surface and saliva with vspenivanii. But the maximum effectiveness of the medium is reached after 3 minutes after the start of the cleaning of the teeth.

All, even microscopic cracks and pits in the tooth enamel are potentially dangerous places, where karioznyi process can develop. This happens due to the fact that the roughnesses eliminate difficult, and sometimes impossible, to food Plaque, which over time obsemenyaetsya kariesogennoj microfloroi. In the process of vital activity of bacteria acids, which is used for demineralization of tooth enamel and carbohydrate component of dental plaque as a breeding ground for their multiplication produce.

The special effect of the toothpaste is that the active ingredient penetrates into the cracks and fills them, thus they activate the process of crystallization. When it ends, is also distinguished on microscopic examination is difficult, where the natural tissue, and where the recovered.

It is also noteworthy that in the case of termination of the use of the medium, the substance is not washed out from the enamel and remains in its structure and gives the tooth strength. Also, this component helps increased sensitivity of the teeth, reducing the severity of the response to thermal and chemical stimuli.

This particular substance, the part of the funds, is gidroksiapatit. In fact, in the crystal structure of this compound is the most important substance is that the strength of the tooth enamel and its resistance to various kinds of influences. In Japan, some of the tooth to produce pastes contain this component.

The Paste gives the same effect as the seal?

In order to understand how this substance works and whether it is possible to remove caries without the help of a dental practitioner, you need to think what are the stages of destruction of the tooth enamel:

1. Initial caries on enamel dark or white spots, grooves are not formed.
2. Caries – a small cave in the Email.
3. The mean caries process not only affects enamel but also the Dentin.
4. The depth of caries cavity is extensive, almost root treatment.

It is, of course, that toothpaste can't tissue sealing defects, accompanied by a significant ubyl'yu. But at the first kariese use of special means to help, to tissues, process interrupt and prevent the formation of cavities in the hard.

The wide range of funds with gidroksiapatitom presented by the company Apagard.

These products are since some years, very popular with the buyers, which is not attributed to your "magical" properties, it can, because none of the developed today, paste is not able to replace the seal karioznuyu cavity and the dentist. But here, smaller defects close to the surface of the enamel smooth and make it more durable Paste on the Basis of gidroksiapatita can.

Tooth pastes, made in Japan, are some of the best resources for mouth care. However, when buying you should be able to distinguish the medium, really a positive effect on the hard tissues of the teeth and the gums, from the usual pastes, in which there is nothing remarkable. However, no matter what "miracle" was Pasta, there is no influence on the need of preventive examinations at the dentist and in the presence of karioznyh cavity treatment.