Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal

The people know a great number of ways on how you white your smile bright and clean. According to surveys, the yellow teeth repel, and watch you enjoyable for each Person. Therefore, all successful people are trying to snow-white color, in the future, dazzling everyone around us smile. One of the most common methods of tooth whitening at home – with the help of the conventional activated carbon.

Why is it advantageous for the method

  • First, buy such an agent can be used in any pharmacy without prescription.
  • Secondly, it is only a few cents cost.
  • Thirdly, you can use it very easily.
  • The teeth after the bleaching really are noticeably cleaner, brighter, and snow white.

Properties of activated carbon

Yet many centuries ago, that time, the beauties wondered about the color of your teeth. Even then, it was found that the usual carbon is able to bleach the enamel of the teeth and make the smile bright and shining.

activated carbon

That is why our great-grandmothers unselfishly powders in specially developed trays for charcoal, in order to perfect more you with him, the color of your teeth. It is worth noting that the procedure was a rich noble women, so that the white teeth were a sign of wealth and nobility.

Curious: is there a downside. Sugar In Russia for a long time was available only on the tables of very rich people, and it was rightly believed that of him, the teeth darken. Black teeth were a sign of wealth in a family, so that some young women are particularly vilified Email for the rich.

The convenient and inexpensive drug that we invented today as "activated carbon", until much later. In its composition, now you will find numerous various organic components, for example, a certain amount of coconut coal, without the wood bases not done.

Modern doctors prefer this activated carbon, which are in the scope of delivery of fruit bones and screws mothers. It is believed that it is most effective for the treatment of various diseases.

But wonderfully absorbent and Filter characteristics are independent of the underlying raw materials. As soon as it is the smallest particles in contact with the tooth surface, then you will immediately start to act in a principle – abrasion-resolution ugly, dark Patina on the enamel.

By numerous experiments it was established that this coal would absorb all of the excess skin particles, on the surface of the teeth – a variety of dyes, tea Patina, and much more.

And especially pleasant is the fact that way is accessible to all, not only selected. In General, it is always in stock in the pharmacy.

In addition to coal from natural means whiten oak bark can help, also it has a similar effect, but in addition, the teeth strengthens the flesh.

Ways of whitening teeth at home: recipes


All of the people, the recipes clear and simple. You are able to remove the tooth surface ugly Plaque, the known lover of strong coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes.

  1. Activated carbon in addition to the usual toothpaste. For the production of these means you don't have to buy for themselves a separate Tube (if the rest of the households to dream about your bleaching teeth), in order to scare all the members of the family of the black mass. Next, chop about ten tablets of activated carbon, squeezing out from the Tube about a quarter (and throw away, thus freeing space in there), pour stir in the hole charcoal powder and carefully crush. It is difficult, if the neck of the bottle when the Tube is very narrow. In this case, it is better to a tablet crushing prior to each clean teeth and mix it with toothpaste already on the toothbrush.
  2. Powder for cleaning. In this case, the tooth whitening is done without the use of toothpaste. Some pills need to carefully grind, to apply to the toothbrush and tooth powder. The main thing here – don't forget, after the procedure very thoroughly with carbon teeth with warm water.
  3. Chew Tablets. This method just reached us from ancient times, when people still had brushing idea about the tooth. In those times, man has to try in the pursuit of white teeth thoroughly a small piece of charcoal, chewed to "drive" you on the whole jaw. You can also in our time and the pill For the bleaching, you need to chew on within 1-2 minutes. At the end of need to re-rinse thoroughly the mouth. This method is convenient because it can be used anywhere, not just at home.

True, after this procedure, you should be ready to make a small effort – the small particles of coal often fall under the gums and into the space between the teeth where scrubbing can be very difficult. Therefore, you should carefully examine your teeth and gums and, if needed, clean with a damp brush or water rinse to scare the other black dots.

There are contraindications

Activated carbon can only be a couple of times a month. At best, this method can combine with the actions to strengthen the tooth enamel. Some people make a big mistake, starting with brushing the teeth of coal a day. It is very harmful and even dangerous! So you can easily get your teeth beauty and health deprive.

Coal is absolutely safe for our body. If it gets into the stomach along with the saliva, it is not health and bring no harm to you. But the professional Bleaching agent is not only harmful, but can even be very dangerous. Therefore, the cleaning can be carried out in clinics, with caution. Also in this case, the smallest particles such complex compositions can still be taken together with the saliva in the body.

the result

Clean child should not are given the already weak weak tooth enamel of children's teeth.

Also during the cleaning process must not press on the teeth with a normal toothpaste. It should be very careful not to damage the surface.

Be very careful you have to melt the process in those people who have a very weak tooth. You know the Status, you can by visiting the dental practitioner.

Before each Bleaching should stop those wearing braces or recently moved in. In this case, for the already damaged tooth enamel, the additional burden could become critical. Better on a couple of months, such a process move, and within this period, try to strengthen the tooth enamel in all possible ways.

In addition, such a whitening teeth react quite differently, even if you are absolutely healthy, and the enamel is not damaged and not broken. For example, your sensitivity will increase. This leads to the emergence of pain when consuming cold or hot food.

Also in this case, it is expected that all complaints, nibble like nuts, crackers, or sunflower seeds. Sensations can be uncomfortable or even painful, that it is necessary the help in the dental clinic.