Tooth whitening: home, pharmaceutical, and professional opportunities

Each of us knows, what is real Hollywood smile is not only very beautiful but also quite expensive.

Even the lucky ones who have a smooth, white teeth by nature, but carefully take care of you, and from time to time to have recourse to the whitening procedure. But most of us can't afford professional treatment in a dentist's office easy, so that the Problem is "how to whiten teeth at home?" interested a great many people.

It should be noted that, despite the cheapness and the relative simplicity of the many ways, home teeth whitening, they are not suitable for everyone.

In particular, for people with sensitive tooth enamel or grayish hue, and also the owner of the crowns on the front teeth more harm than good.

In addition, you must carefully read all the rules and recommendations of the procedure to follow, otherwise the result can be unpredictable.

So, what are the possibilities of the self-employed teeth whitening today, there are, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each are?

Teeth Whitening Pharmacy Resources

These funds have several advantages, the most important are comfort and reasonable cost. Of course, some very important rules of safety in their application, otherwise the result will be deplorable.

Whitening Toothpaste

the result

The simple, safe and cost-effective, however, the invalid procedure.

The range of bleaching toothpastes in today's pharmacies is very large.

Most of them included in the composition of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or other abrasive particles (e.g., silica), and achieved the desired effect.

The truth is, Whitening toothpaste only helps at whom the color of our teeth changes because of the Plaque; the colour of the tooth enamel it can't change.

In addition, the use of these funds is not more than 1 month, as some pastes are able to seriously damage the tooth enamel.

Pencil for teeth whitening

According to the manufacturer, pencils are one of the most effective means to make a snow-white smile after only two weeks (maximum period of use).

But if you read reviews about the product that most users are not thrilled, and find it absolutely useless.

Usually, you can pencil rather than a tool for maintaining a white smile, such as stains from coffee, tea and cigarettes, it will fail.

Strip for bleaching teeth

The principle of operation of the strip corresponds to the principle of action pencil, with the difference that they contain a large concentration of the substances used to bleach.

Therefore, you must visit using a dentist to ensure that the oral cavity is absolutely healthy.

In addition, in some cases, when using the strip some of the side effects marked skin - increased sensitivity of tooth enamel, allergic reactions and even burns to the mucous, and the color is not always possible smooth and homogeneous.

Most of the user are detected, this method is relatively effective, therefore, in full compliance with all the rules, which allows for bleaching tooth enamel in 3-4 sounds about a month, and white continue to smile for about 2-3 months.

Gel and mouth protection, to whiten teeth


Consulting to the dentist

The fastest and most robust methods of bleaching, however, because of the risk of burns and inflammation of the gums, it is not recommended without a consultation with your dentist.

During the procedure Whitening Gel protection, apply to teeth with a special brush, or special mouth, by filling in your Gel.

Exposure means on the teeth, depending on their composition, and varies from half an hour to 12 hours, and the effect lasts about 2 months.

Before use, the Gels recommended, the instructions for use carefully read and strictly follow the recommendations, otherwise, as a result, you receive your teeth with the completely destroyed structure.

System White Light

This method can be called advanced whitening with the Gel, because with him in the delivery CAPA and LED-flashlight with batteries. It is the urea-peroxide, the main component of the gel, which destroys and pigmented spots on the tooth enamel activated.

Since the System as a fairly active bleach, use better control at the dentist, and that's not necessarily a complete treatment of the oral cavity.

If this is done correctly, the result is pretty fast and permanently - for example, up to half a year.

Homemade methods of tooth whitening

Before the bleaching of the teeth with home remedies lie in the fact that most of them have in every house or sold in the shops and drugstores for only a few cents.

As for the disadvantages, then the required effect is that such methods can only by pretty long time, and the teeth a maximum of one or two colors can brighten up.

To be used when you whiten your teeth at home, the following Tools can be:

  • Lemon (Lemon Zest);
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Soda;
  • Activated carbon;
  • Sea salt;
  • Tea tree oil.

Opportunities of its use are about the same: the Tool should be applied on a cotton ball and evenly treat the teeth, tried to avoid the gums, and then a good rinse of the mouth.

In addition, you can mix, add to the normal pasta, and brush the teeth in the usual way.

Homemade tooth don't know of any resources recommended more than two times per week, otherwise your teeth can be painful sensitive.

The fastest (but risky) than the bleaching with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Soda mixed to a Paste.

Professional methods of teeth whitening

Whitening procedure in the clinic of professional dentists, are regarded as the safest, most efficient (allows you to whiten teeth in an average of 8-12 colors) and steadfast.

But you also don't have a significant disadvantage - quite a high cost, which is why such procedures are not all.

Mechanical Tooth Whitening


The method is based on the cleaning of the teeth with the help of abrasive particles and is suitable for those, the white color of the enamel of the nature.

Special scrubbing sponges, which is supplied under pressure, Plaque completely cleans the spaces between the teeth of deposits and stains from coffee and cigarettes, teeth back to its natural tint.

Heavy smokers and coffee lovers, it is recommended that such a procedure at least once per year.

Chemical Tooth Whitening

It is a stronger and more secure Analog-to-home whitening with the help of the gel.

He is a dentist in several stages under the control of the professional, thereby reducing the risk of burns and damage to the tooth enamel completely excluded, and the effect can be maintained from 2 to 5 years.

Photobleaching Teeth

In this case, back to the teeth, a special Gel is applied, the catalyst to light radiation acts.

The most popular System for performing such a method a high-magnification Zoom System: the procedure only takes an hour and is also suitable for sensitive teeth and owner of a large number of seals, as well as the result lasts for about 5-6 years.

However, in some cases, there is the so-called effect of "porcelain" teeth - tooth enamel is unnaturally white, that it is far from all.

Laser Teeth Whitening

The innovative method of tooth whitening, implies the application of the laser. It activates a special chemical composition, the enamel on the tooth, whereby the cleaning is literally at the molecular level.

With its help, you can tooth enamel brightening about 8-10 shades per hour, and sometimes the effect remains up to 7 years.

However, before the procedure is necessary to completely eliminate tooth decay, periodontal disease and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind: which method of teeth whitening that you have not chosen, do not forget that none of them raise the regular Hygiene of the oral cavity, as well as preventive hikes to the dentist. Let your smile Hollywood is really.