Teeth whitening methods in dentistry

Today, there are many ways of teeth whitening in dental medicine. Anyone who wishes to get gorgeous Hollywood smile, it is safe for the most convenient and affordable Option.

Tooth whitening

You can make the color of the teeth by a few shades to its healthy hue with the help of a professional cleaning, or a smile of snow white help for more serious cosmetic procedures. It all depends on your taste, desires and health. In any case, you can easily find the best method with the dentist.

It is important to note that Bleaching is a serious procedure, which is not always a positive influence on the health of the teeth. Therefore, it is important to approach the selection of the method and of the subsequent care.

Tell about the differences, pros and cons chair whitening methods, in order to help with orientation in their diversity.

Professional Cleaning

Cleaning of the teeth of Plaque and deposits allows you a healthy natural color, not white, of course, but in any case, the sound or the other is easier, than without cleaning. Moreover, such Hygiene is very useful for health. It reduces the risk of tooth decay and other diseases. The who recommends that the cleaning once or twice a year.

The most popular and effective methods:

  • Airflow removes dental Plaque by means of a special apparatus, which extends under the pressure of the solution with the crushed abrasive. This action dissolves with a yellow tint of the teeth is due to coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, and other special painting food, and also due to the exposure to cigarette smoke. In the result, the natural color of the teeth returns. This procedure can be performed as a preparatory step for a cosmetic brightening.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is the device that produces ultrasonic sound vibrations on the surface of the enamel. In this way, you can't Plaque only from coloring, but also of dental stones. The procedure is completely safe.

Teeth whitening options in dental medicine

Chemical bleaching

Chemical Tooth Whitening

A very common method, which consists in applying the gel to the teeth with active components. First of all it is necessary to protect the gums and other soft tissue, to the substance causing burns. The Gel on the teeth to keep from 30 to 60 minutes, during this time, active oxygen destroys the Patina and changes the color of the tooth enamel. Ultimately, the teeth can lighten up to 4 - 12 shades in a single procedure. The method is not suitable for bleaching, in the case of cracked, the most effective, if you Email yellow hue. On the gray teeth the result is less impressive. If you want, you can get vibrant Hollywood smile, you may need multiple sessions.

Ultrasonic Whitening

It seems to be a chemical one, only on the teeth, applied Gel under the influence of ultrasound activates. Eye-catching composition of oxygen, changes the color of the tooth enamel.

Laser Whitening

Bleaching with the aid of a laser, but its popularity has gained, thanks to the efficiency and safety. It is also suitable for those, who has Chips and scratches on the enamel. The procedure is painless and provides lasting results for a long time.

The session is as follows:

  • On the surface of the teeth, a special Gel is applied, on the Basis of sodium chloride or hydrogen peroxide, in addition, fluorides, minerals, and substances, the effect of speed of photons.
  • More Gel is activated with the aid of the action of a laser beam on carbon dioxide.
  • During the Laser exposure from the Gel, the active ingredient, to penetrate in the Dentin and tooth enamel, makes the teeth whiten.

Through the use of modern technologies, the procedure does not take a lot of time. The device corrects for the effects of to each tooth individually, so that the result is evenly.

During a session, felt a slight tingling in the treated area. After the teeth have not become more sensitive, but with proper care, white saves up to five years.



Photo-Bleaching of the tooth enamel can be carried out in various ways, which differ essentially in the composition of the gel used.

The now popular System of "ZOOM" to include the following steps:

  • The gums are treated with a specialized protective material.
  • On teeth companies applied identity composition, comprising a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Email is by using a special UV-lamp.
  • Prior to the action of light from the active composition of the oxygen is released, which penetrates through the enamel and Dentin, splits Pigment, resulting in yellow or grey tint.
  • Further, in order to exclude hypersensitivity occurs, carry the preparation for the restoration of the enamel of the tooth.

Sometimes, after the procedure, unpleasant sensations may occur, but they are no longer than a few days.

Another procedure requested - Luma-Arch, it is similar to the previous one, but you can teeth bleaching is also problematic. Therefore, owners of sensitive teeth, cracking and chipping of the enamel will be able to safely use this method.

All of the methods of photo-Bleaching effective and high-quality. This process takes a little time and causing Minimum damage to tooth enamel.

Alternative Technologies

Tooth whitening by means of special gels is not always possible. But the desire, the snow has not been canceled white smile. Therefore, it is popular such alternative methods, such as bonding and use of Veneers.


Dental Bonding is tooth special Polymer applied to the Material as close to the desired color of the tooth. To him, a special light source, whereby the Polymer is firmly connected with the surface of the tooth. With the help of this method, you can change not only the color, but the shape of the teeth.

It is suitable for the following tasks:

  • Restoration after caries;
  • The restoration of the teeth with chips and cracks;
  • The size and shape of the teeth change;
  • The coverage of the tooth roots due to recession of the gums.

For this method, no preparation is virtually necessary, keep it often without anesthesia. In General, the treatment of a tooth will take between 30 to 60 minutes.

The advantages of the method are its affordable cost and violation of the enamel paint.


Veneers are more expensive and durable way to create a Hollywood smile. Special plates will be individually prepared, then the prepared tooth surface. Their use also offers the possibility to change the color and shape. Are veneers on a special adhesive composition.

Internal Bleaching

In the case when it is required, a tooth whiten, for example, when he blacked out due to damage, use the method of internal bleaching. Tooth drilled, inner-active substance is injected and the hole is sealed with a temporary seal. The method can be carried out in several sessions, in the end, to bleached tooth with a permanent seal.

Effective methods for whitening teeth at home

Professionally whiten teeth and maybe at home, but for this you need to consult with your dentist. Homemade whitening of tooth enamel similar to that of the chemical Bleaching. Here, active Gel based on hydrogen peroxide, its concentration is significantly lower. Therefore, in order to have a white smile you need to carry out procedures approximately two to three weeks, and the first results will tell you about until the fourth day.

The method consists in the fact that they filled every day special mouth protection, for the bleaching solution.

How to care for your teeth after the whitening

As soon as you need to be your snow-white smile, oral hygiene, a more in-depth, of course, if you want the result remained for a long time.

In the first 48 hours will have to do without food, the colors the enamel. They include the following products:

  • Chocolate;
  • Coffee;
  • Tea;
  • Juices, Fruit Drinks, Red Wine;
  • Soft drinks and Soda;
  • Sweets contain colouring substances;
  • Beets and carrots;
  • Adjika, Ketchup, soy sauce, etc.

In addition, within two days, it is very desirable to refrain from Smoking. In a pinch, you can use E-cigarette. Within a period of two weeks is necessary to minimize the number of cigarettes smoked.


An important role in maintaining white teeth, daily Hygiene plays. You brush your teeth at least twice a day, better after each heavy meal. Do not use silk necessarily tooth, food debris accumulated on the brush in hard-to-reach places. Also Conditioner is recommended, this allows effective prevention of the propagation of harmful bacteria, soothes the gums and contributes to the conservation of the white.

For the cleaning is best, whitening pastes and pastes for the restoration of the mineral composition of the tooth and the restoration of the density of damaged tooth enamel.

Contra-indications for bleaching of the teeth

Whitening teeth is a serious dental Manipulation, therefore treat it with due care. Most of the procedures are not recommended in case of increased sensitivity of the teeth. In addition, bleaching is not recommended for pregnant women.

If you fillings cost, probably you have to renew, because the color of the seals significantly from the colours of bleached teeth.

In General, dental methods, effective and safe. With the right approach, you not only snow-white smile, but also ensure the long-lasting results.