How whiten teeth activated charcoal: the main methods

The teeth of different dyes that are present are exposed to, in food, medicines, beverages and cosmetics. To change due to the natural lighter color begins to yellow, more dark and ugly. This happens due to the fact that color discontinuation materials and secured on the surface of the tooth enamel, and sometimes even penetrate into the inner tissue of the tooth. Sometimes, the cause of the blackout is in receipt of an injury, while the hypoplasia and other factors.

Teeth Whitening Coal

In some of these cases, you can? restore the natural color of the tooth enamel with the help of charcoal Now we will understand.

To clean whether it is possible for the teeth of activated carbon

The whitening of the enamel in the dentist's chair — very expensive, not every available method. However, there is an excellent and effective method that you can implement at home. You need to be popular in people with this method and you can make brighter teeth with the help of activated carbon.

Such means choose because of a few advantages:

  1. It is simple — you need no special tools and equipment.
  2. This substance you can find in any pharmacy to sell it without a prescription.
  3. The medium is cheap, therefore, this method is accessible to everyone.
  4. The teeth are clean and bright after the first treatment.

This effect is due to the special properties of the activated carbon, it acts on the surface of the enamel, such as sorbent and a filtering substance. The drug has fulgur and cleaning ability to work according to the principle of the abrasives.

As a result of dark Patina on the enamel to dissolve begins gradually. Especially, this method works well if you need to whiten your teeth with traces of food colour: Plaque from tea and coffee, wine, berries.

Rules of procedure

Bleaching activated carbon is not able to complete the toothpaste replace, and only supplemented traditional hygienic procedures.

There are several ways to whitening of the enamel coal at home.

It can be mixed the pasta with the tooth. To do this, you have to give 10 tablets, crushed in a small bowl. Then you extrude in a medium-sized Tube of toothpaste, and mix thoroughly. The resulting composition must brush your teeth as usual. The main thing — carefully rinse the mouth cavity after the procedure.

Teeth Whitening-Carbon Method

It is in a tooth-powder. Two — three tablets crushed and stacked in a Box. Then in the powder damp toothbrush dipped and use as a normal tooth-powder. Remember to well rinse the mouth with warm water.

There are industrially manufactured tooth powder on its basis.

In the ancient world than toothbrushes, people used wood residues coal for the cleaning of the oral cavity from food. Now you can use the custom method of our ancestors, and only the chewing of the tablet within 5 minutes. Minus of this method is that the small crumbs of the tablet always in the interdental space, so that the mouth cavity, rinse very carefully.

With this substance, you can rinse with a solution of the. To do this, you must complete a tablet dissolving in a small amount of warm water. The main thing is that in the liquid no large pieces that scratch the enamel. Use Conditioner twice daily after cleaning the teeth. Procedures make the course within 10 days.

The result and the side effects

In comparison to many other methods of teeth whitening, whitening of the activated carbon, a fairly safe method. The substance is harmless, when he accidentally swallow and caused no serious side effects.

It is noted, however, that the procedure not too often. Because of the abrasive particles in the continuous use of the mail can reveal.

The biggest disadvantage of this method is Ellen — lighten the low duration of the effect. Shortly after the end of the plaque again, and again, makes your teeth yellow.

The most important contraindications

Among the contraindications, the procedure is the following:

  1. The procedure is not recommended in case of Allergy to the medium.
  2. It is not necessary, active carbon Whitening children under the age of 14, because your tooth enamel to thin and delicate.
  3. It is not advisable for people with sensitive and thin enamel.
  4. Do not bleach tooth enamel this method for those wearing braces or recently moved in. Such an intervention can be crucial for teeth, to their destruction. Within a few months after the removal of the brackets, the teeth needs to be strengthened.
Cleaning must not be more than 1 course per month. This whitening of the enamel is necessary, the combination with strengthen. Each day the Manipulation will not spend, it is the tooth enamel to be weak and fragile.

Among the side effects that the small particles of coal can damage the structure of the tooth enamel. This leads to an increased sensitivity of the oral cavity during the consumption of cold and hot food and drinks.

Teeth Whitening Coal Reviews

A couple of recommendations

To damage to the tooth enamel, you need to click on a couple of tips. First of all, powder for cleaning must be uniform, so that the abrasive is not in his Email. Secondly, it is a toothbrush for implementing the method should be soft.

You need to tooth brush with soft bristle

By the way, you can swab it through the watt, a Finger or a cotton swab. Thirdly, the regularity between cleanings is determined individually for each patient based on the strength and sensitivity of the tooth enamel.

Absolutely, you need to strengthen to carefully care for your teeth and the enamel. Foods with Calcium and phosphorus, high protein content. If after the procedure there have been complaints, you must consult a doctor.