Teeth whitening at home: methods

Teeth whitening options at home

The snow-white smile — Standard of beauty and attractiveness. Probably every man dreams of a healthy, strong, white teeth, but the enamel has the property to darken over time under the influence of various external factors. Yes, and not everyone the nature has beautiful teeth.

Today, dentistry offers many ways by which you can melt to bleach the tooth. For each case, individually selected method of lightening, starting from a condition of the teeth, to the customer's preferences and financial possibilities. The procedure is not cheap and not accessible to everyone, hence the desire to improve on the search-white smile, and other ways the appearance of the teeth, that it is possible to make at home.

Indication for bleaching

Before you whiten your teeth, you should weigh your options and carefully consider whether it really is. In some cases, more damage can whitening than good.

  • The whitening procedure Smoking people recommended. Tobacco smoke contains many substances to the tooth enamel, absorbs it and change the hue. Tooth pastes are not efficiently remove enough to remove the resulting Plaque completely. Back to the natural color of the tooth enamel to be able to home, and it remains only in the case when the stop Smoking.
  • Excessive consumption of sweets leads to brown staining of the tooth enamel. Digestible carbohydrates, which secrete in large quantities, intensive waste products, the etching of a surface. As a result the enamel becomes thinner and begins by yellowish Dentin of nature.
  • The indication for bleaching
  • White also loses the use of alcoholic beverages with natural food dyes. A brownish coloring of the teeth is characteristic for lovers of red wine, black tea, strong coffee.
  • The yellow coloration is characteristic for the so-called tetracycline teeth, swelling in the age of the child.
  • During pregnancy can women also enamel yellowing as a result of excessive intake in the body of tetracycline. Testimony of an excess of fluorine, the teeth are darker. The increased number of fluorine in the body due to poor quality of food, drinking water, polluted atmosphere.
  • Whitish or yellowish spots are a sign of hypoplasia diseases.


Tooth whitening is contraindicated in people with a heightened sensitivity of the teeth. Not teeth bleaching costs, when on prominent pages are fillings, because they are not white and the contrast with a hint of melting.

Among other things, against the view:

  • a young age;
  • Taking medications;
  • Lactation, Pregnancy;
  • Caries, diseases of cavity of mouth;
  • allergic to hydrogen peroxide.

How to whiten teeth at home

Whitening in the dental office or at home health benefit, so that you need to make all efforts to minimize the harmful effects by selecting the appropriate Option. Visit a doctor prior to the procedure, it is worth it, because it evaluates the condition of the tooth enamel from a professional point of view and give the necessary recommendations. The teeth can be treated whitening substances just in case, if you are sufficiently sturdy and solid.

Prior to the application of Home-Bleaching systems need to learn the condition of the seals, because the time between them and the base of the teeth form very small distances, the routes against the ingress of aggressive substances. Options bleaching of the tooth enamel there are several and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. As the teeth of the person himself decides.

How to whiten teeth at home Whitening Strips

With their help, you a quick cosmetic effect. Special strip, the applied bleaching effect of the substance for whitening teeth at home and are one of the most modern facilities. In addition to the normal sale also, the strips for sensitive teeth are. You can buy the product in the pharmacy or on the Internet

Enjoy the strip quite simple: you apply half an hour every day, following a thorough oral hygiene. This method helps whiten teeth by 2-3 shades. The effect is no different firmness, white smile remains, during the two months, then the tooth is darkened enamel. More expensive strips you can whiten teeth even 6 sounds, and the result can last up to a year. The disadvantage of this method is that the whitening does not extend to the spaces between the teeth.

Whitening Gels

Whiten enamel at home with a special gel. The substance is solidified on the surface of the tooth with a soft brush, then washed off, and the saliva dissolves gradually.

A variant of the whitening Gel, a mouth guard is. This construction made of plastic that you wear on the lower or upper row of teeth, fill in the blank of the active substance in the Form of a gel. CAPA provides close contact of the medium with the surface of the tooth and protects the mucous membrane. Bleach the tooth enamel at home, it is recommended that the Gel on the base of carbamide peroxide. This method is one of the fastest as you can.a good result after just a few weeks after the application

A different type of Gel Whitening pencil is, in which the concentration of active ingredients is lower than, for example, in the template on the teeth. Use pencil rather for the maintenance of the white of the enamel, as for your teeth whitening. With its help, you can for a while of spots on the surface of the teeth due to Smoking or the consumption of food and drinks, the dyes.

Hydrogen peroxide Tooth whitening with hydrogen peroxide

Effectively dark Patina to remove enamel can with the help of hydrogen peroxide. This method is considered to be one of the most effective and cheapest. Otbelivayushchee the funds you can buy in a pharmaceutical cabin at an affordable price. Before bleaching, a thorough oral hygiene. For the implementation of the method, 3% peroxide, diluted in warm water and mouthwash used. Then with undiluted peroxide is necessary to moisten a cotton swab and wipe all the teeth. Finally, the mouth is to rinse the cavity thoroughly with water and brush your teeth, but no Pasta.

The whitening enhance the effect of the usual baking soda helps, a teaspoon of mixed with the peroxide. As a result, you should get a kind of Paste. The mixture to clean your teeth and rinse your mouth with clear water. Already after the first application, a noticeable effect.

Hydrogen peroxide helps to have a quick and lasting results, but it should not. too often they perform the procedure, or use to flush the medium in its pure Form An overdose can adversely affect the condition of the oral cavity until the appearance of burns, diseases of the gums and damage to tooth enamel You also need to make sure that the substance is released. A normal reaction to peroxide is a temporary hypersensitivity of the teeth, and burning of the gums.

Whitening Lemon

In the lemons contain large amounts of ascorbic acid, without which the normal functioning of the bones and connective tissue. Citrus has long been known for its bleaching properties, which is he wins a lot of positive comments from people in the fight against the pigmentation of the skin, it is often with the purpose of whitening of the enamel.

The first and probably the easiest method is grinding of the teeth crust fruit is. Add lemon juice in the toothpaste will not only help whiten teeth a couple of tones, but also prevents bleeding gums. Whitening effect, even if you chew just fruit only a piece of citrus. It must be remembered that the teeth are not in contact abandoned hypersensitive with lemon, so in this case, of the use.

Other ways of teeth whitening at home

Other ways of teeth whitening

There are other recognized methods, with the help of bleaching the tooth enamel at home. Their advantage is the safety, availability and cheapness.

  • The mixture of lemon juice and a few drops of tea tree oil you use for the cleaning of the teeth for 5 minutes.
  • To fix the visible stains from the tooth enamel with the help of baking powder, salt, and vinegar, mixed carefully and applied to rinse the mouth.
  • After the basic cleaning of your teeth, you rinse with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and lemon juice.
  • Whitening effect can be obtained also, if you are in a normal toothpaste with a little salt, baking powder, and peroxide.
  • You can still see a few drops of lemon juice and add the powder in the Paste activated carbon.