Teeth whitening Dental: types of methods and their description

white teeth

Schneeweie smile always attracts the attention of others and is the business card of the people. But white teeth by nature has a small percentage of people. That is why many are in search of way to whitening of the enamel. In modern dentistry, a large number of techniques for cleaning the teeth. There are kinds of private and professional in the medical room, dental whitening. You can choose suitable method itself is difficult enough. In this article, we describe fundamental to the whitening of the tooth enamel, and contraindications to him.

Types of tooth whitening

Today there are a variety of dental techniques, each of which differs in accordance with the following parameters:

  • composition used and the reagents;
  • Frequency and number of treatments;
  • The speed of bleaching;
  • the degree of involvement of the patient.

For the implementation of the procedures of modern medicines, their manufacturers promise, with your help, a safe and high-quality teeth whitening. The professional whitening is carried out on modern equipment and are in great demand.

The possibilities of the dental Bleaching in the doctor's room

With the help of a professional cleaning of the enamel for the shortest time possible, excellent results and long-term effects. While the melting effect of the tooth during treatment.

All Dental Office whitening on-the-go several ways:

  • mechanical;
  • Chemical;
  • Laser;
  • Ultrasound;
  • photo-dealbatio,.

First and foremost, dentists and the mechanical cleaning recommend. If this method does not produce the expected result, the Patient offers other types of procedures.

Mechanical Bleaching

Mechanical Bleaching

In the base dental mechanical cleaning is the professional oral hygiene. With the help of this procedure, a very strong visual effect, although your dentists whitening believe.

While the mechanical method removed dental plaque in the Form of Plaque and stones. As a result, to the patient, the natural color of tooth enamel returns. And if he is made of natural white enamel, the Hollywood smile.

Many people, drinking coffee, red wine, Cola and Smoking, like to see your natural tooth enamel, long forgotten. In these cases, the recourse to chemical medicines, hydrogen peroxide, various pens and strips impractical. First and foremost, practice oral hygiene to the dentist.

When mechanical cleaning of the effects on deposits on the surface of the teeth. Therefore, the e-mail for such a procedure is absolutely safe.

But there are cases when after the surgery to remove the Plaque and stones ceruicis the area of the teeth is open. As a result, the tooth reacts to hot and cold. Earlier of all of this, your tooth can irritate saved stones. In this case, you need the periodontist that fluoridation leads to the sensitive tooth enamel and treatments to prescribe.

Among the mechanical methods, the most common is the clarification of Dental ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth.

The method of ultrasonic whitening

With the help of ultrasonic devices easy-gingival and subgingival calculus to be removed as supra. Ultrasound allows you to clean even the tooth enamel of the smoker, are not able to work at either professional brushes, or special tooth pastes.

How does ultrasound?


At the end of a special hand piece by ultrasonic vibrations, the destruction of the Plaque and stones. By secrete from the Email of the tissue, not hurt you. The teeth on the top of the water, which is required falls to the effectiveness and safety of the procedure. She lets the water do not overheat and the movement of the hand piece, the eddy generated currents. With your help, the improvement of detachment of Plaque and stones.

The Technology Of Air — Flow

The methodology of the restoration of tooth enamel takes place with the help of Air — Flow, inside of which are water-to-air channels and sodium bicarbonate used as an abrasive. During the procedure, on the surface of the enamel under a lot of pressure jet of water, air and baking soda, they mix at the end of the apparatus. The working part of the device will be launched in a special socket, and mixed with Soda water, under great pressure, in seconds, the surface of the enamel of each of the cleanses, the solid Plaque.

Published beam easily penetrates into the most inaccessible places. With its help, you can clean the area above and below the gums and various artificial constructs, the spaces between the teeth. Literally after 30-40 minutes Email wins your natural natural color.

In the case of the technology of the Air — Flow there is a big disadvantage – tooth-stones do not cleans. In addition, long-term effects of beam on an area can lead to an increased sensitivity after the procedure.

Chemical bleaching


The procedure of the restoration of the white of tooth enamel by chemical means involves the use of special gels that contain a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Gels can be used alone or as a Supplement in the case of photo-dealbatio, and Laser cleaning.

Due to the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide Dental chemical method is a good fill-in. Per visit, you can reach expressed in white enamel. Bleach to you directly in 5-7 tones.

The disadvantage of the chemical whitening is damage to the damage Email. You recovered fluorination and remineralization of teeth.

The application of chemical agents requires a dental consultation and preparation. It is not recommended that the procedure in the presence of various artificial restorations.


This method of teeth whitening involves using a special lamp that serves as a catalyst, and gels with active ingredients. Under the influence of the lamp from the Gel free of oxygen, riving color pigments set enamel in the tooth. As a result of the teeth to be brightened.

The stages of the procedure:

  1. On patient-safety goggles. In the mouth the mouth the water is a cave. By such a plate to the skin, mucous walls ensures full access. Lubricate protective structures and analgesics, protects against the negative effects of the gel and the lamp. For the cheeks Tampons from cotton wool stacked.
  2. Will apply a special whitening Gel. In some clinics in the language of the patients wear a special attachment in the Form of a cap. It protects the language from unpleasant sensations in the Form of tingling.
  3. Procedure takes about 15 minutes. During this time, the chemical components act on the tooth enamel with a special lamp. The Patient should sit almost motionless, as the lamp is in the mouth.
  4. The Gel is washed off and neutered additional medications. After that, in some cases, two sessions.

Yellowish teeth photo-dealbatio, fine and Patina is almost not destroyed. In some cases, after the intervention it increased sensitivity of the teeth. In this case, the dentist will pastes prescribes the application of remineralizing.

Homemade Teeth Whitening

At home, you can mechanical as well as chemical means of whitening of the enamel.

To dental Home whitening procedures include:

  1. The application of the different bleaching tooth pastes. You use it must be used with great caution, since the composition of the pastes contain abrasive powder. They are not only clean off Plaque, but also against the structure of tooth enamel.
  2. Tooth Whitening Activated Carbon. The drug has a double effect – as abrasive enamel Plaque and putrefactive bacteria cleans with tooth neutralized and toxins. For the bleaching oppressus used charcoal tablets, mixed with toothpaste, or ruminant in its purest Form.
  3. The use of hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is the basis of most dental bleaching Gels. At home, a 10% solution. The yellow plaque with the application of hydrogen peroxide wipe or rinse your teeth. In the first case, the tooth's enamel a few times, rubbed immersed in a solution with a cotton swab. Rinse 25 drops of 3% drugstore hydrogen peroxide diluted in a third of a glass of water. After each procedure, wash out mouth with water.
  4. The whitening Gel in the Kappas. This Set, consisting of a mouth guard, which are divided for the upper and lower teeth, and a special Gel for teeth whitening. Before the procedure, mouth guard Gel and the teeth are glued to be filled. The duration of treatment may be different. Before use, the instructions need to study.
  5. Pencil for teeth whitening. This is the simplest and cheapest surgical method of whitening of the enamel. Pencil Gel contains, in the scope of delivery of carbamide peroxide. By the light of a special lamp, the Tool the free Atom marked oxygen that penetrates deep into the enamel, the elimination of pigmentation. With such a procedure, tooth enamel 6-10 tones can brighten up.
Home Bleaching

Contra-indications for dental bleaching

It would be desirable, but do not bleach the tooth enamel with the help of dental treatments each. Teeth whitening is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • increased sensitivity of the teeth;
  • allergic reactions;
  • Gum disease;
  • Revealing the roots of the teeth;
  • Caries;
  • quick abrasion of the dentition;
  • the wearing of braces;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Children up to 14 years.

Clear Plus whitening is always a quick aesthetic result as a snow-white smile. Due to the disadvantages of the method, the possibility of an increased sensitivity of the teeth and thinning of enamel. Moreover, for the preservation of the white of the teeth after surgery, do not bleach, it is recommended to smoke, drink coffee, tea and red wine, eating staining foods. To such restrictions, every Patient to decide. So who wants to have white teeth, you should first weigh the pros and cons and only then can the best dental decide for yourself medical whitening of the teeth.