10 modern types of teeth whitening: the benefits and harms


Whitening of the teeth, modern dental treatment, you can use the existing color of the enamel in the direction of lighter shades In the course of the implementation of specific reagents and equipment to be melting, which act directly on the tooth, reducing their Plaque, stains, and tanning. In this method, no therapeutic effect, since the essence of the Bleaching – this give make your teeth an aesthetically attractive, well-groomed appearance and a nice smile.

The method of application of all the procedures divided into two large groups – Professional and Home. Efficiency and depends on the original (natural) color of the enamel of the teeth. And the results achieved during the treatment, the result can be short - or long-term, because the duration of the immediate effects of the harmful habits of the people, the products of the nutrition and quality of daily oral hygiene.

Types of teeth whitening in dental medicine

Professional tooth whitening involves the implementation of procedures in the conditions of the dental practice and under the direct supervision of a specialist. On the enamel of the teeth is provided to mechanical or chemical influences can be. The effectiveness of the latter can be enhanced penetrating ability of the ultrasound, Laser or light which act as an activator and head for reagent penetrating in the depth of the tooth enamel.

Today, there are a number of popular methods of teeth whitening, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Your descriptions help to give preference to one or the other method.

Photo Bleaching

One of the "young" methods of tooth whitening. In the course of its application to the visible surface of the teeth, special whitening Gel is applied, with a minimum concentration of water paint of hydrogen peroxide, the Plaque under the direct influence of light, emitted by a Halogen lamp, is activated and penetrates deep into the enamel of urea in your Retinitis. This procedure is often Bleaching as a ZOOM, because for their implementation, the device uses the series of ZOOM-4.


• Quick and visible effect;
• Suitable for patients with sensitive tooth enamel of the teeth;
• In observing the recommendations of the dentist effect lasts up to 2 years.


• Duration of treatment – 1.5 – 2 hours in the dentist's chair;
• Unpleasant taste in the mouth after the procedure;
• Presence-effect "unnatural the teeth white," with a slight blue cast.

Air Flow

This mechanical cleaning of the enamel from the surface effectively removes Plaque and form solid deposits (stone). It uses sand, Air flow equipment, which occurs on the surface of the dental enamel-Flow-blasted-high pressure, comprising water, abrasive substances and air. As a grinding means of the usual Soda serve to destroy crystals to dental plaque and Polish enamel.


• During the procedure, Tartar – removes a frequent cause of caries;
To clean • ability to difficult to locate.


• Whitening is only 2 – 3 Ton;
• During the procedure, patients experience pain with sensitive tooth enamel.

Chemical bleaching

The name of the method speaks for itself and refers the application to the visible surface of the teeth of a specific chemical substance on the Basis of hydrogen peroxide. Penetrates deep into the enamel, it destroys the Pigment-molecules, and the teeth will be brighter to 4 – 10 shades.


• Rapid achievement of the desired effect;
• Lasting results will be maintained in compliance with the recommendations for 1,5 years.


• Tooth enamel sensitive;
• In the case of poor isolation of the gums during the procedure, you get your burn.

Ultrasonic Whitening

The use of ultrasound in combination with special pastes and gels on the Basis of oxidants, the tones are in front of the wear on the visible surface of the teeth, a pretty good result, and allow you to whiten enamel to 2 – 3.


• The method is suitable for patients with sensitive tooth enamel of the teeth;
• No Sensation Of Pain.


• For maximum effect, require multiple treatments.

Endo Bleaching

Endodontic whitening of tooth enamel is a time-consuming procedure, allowing light depulpirovannye make teeth and teeth with cracks on the surface of the tooth enamel. The Problem is not that damaged, they darken over time from the inside and superficial effect on the enamel of the teeth is in this case a positive effect. Therefore, for clarification of the introduction of a special whitening Gel to the inside cavity of the tooth, followed by the construction of the seal.


• The method allows damaged teeth to brighten and Email;
• Pain-Free Procedure;
• Perhaps whitening the enamel of your teeth 8 to 10 shades;
• Can brighten just one-two, the affected tooth.


• Tissue of the tooth will be more brittle;
• For maximum effect, 2 – 4 treatments needed.

Laser Whitening

One of the most popular methods of whitening the tooth enamel. In the course of its procedures on the surface of the teeth, the whitening Gel is applied, which is exposed to the Laser, activate its formula.


• Quick and visible effect;
• Whitening of the tooth enamel in 6 – 10 tones;
• Bactericidal properties of the process;
• In observing the recommendations of the dental practitioner, the effect within 1.5 – 2 years.


• In the first days after the procedure, the sensitivity of the enamel increases.

Absolutely all of the procedures of the professional dental whitening contraindications. Therefore, before the implementation of the consultancy with your physician and dentist.


Teeth whitening options at home

In addition to professional methods of teeth whitening, and there are also homemade ways to the enamel lighten. They are affordable, do not require visits to the dentist, but also does not give quick results.

Whitening Pencil

Active ingredient whitening pencils all the same hydrogen peroxide. For the whitening of tooth enamel lightweight Gel pencil applied to the visible surface of the teeth with a special applicator and remains in the manual specified amount of time, after you rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Whitening Strips

The principle of operation of the test strip is very similar to the mechanism of the pencil. These are special-soluble or insoluble strips, fixed on the visible surface of the teeth in the area of the smile and leave for the recommended time, while the the active ingredient on the Basis of hydrogen peroxide penetrates into the top layer of the tooth enamel and brightens them.

Special Tooth Pastes

This is the cheapest way to whitening teeth at home. Typically, these pastes contain abrasive particles, which removes plaque and polishes the tooth enamel, making it brighter.

The main advantage of all of the Home-whitening-methods – you are available. But with your help, is no longer possible, the tooth enamel to lighten 2 – 3 shades, and for the maintenance of this effect procedure you have to repeat with an enviable regularity.

It is important to remember! The uncontrolled use of Home tooth whitening methods can harm tooth enamel and lead to thinning. They are also, as professional techniques, contraindications and the rear require a discussion with your dentist.

It is harmful to health, dental whitening?

Characteristic of all methods of tooth whitening is their relative safety. On the one hand, if the Patient is absolutely healthy, strong teeth, then the whitening of the tooth enamel, the 1 times 2 – 3 years, will not hurt much. And on the other hand, regular use of chemicals, the bleached teeth, causing a gradual thinning of the tooth enamel and makes it more sensitive. Especially dangerous is the main whitening is that if the patients make use of the available and advertised bleach, not in view of their peculiarities and individual characteristics of your Email.

Before embarking on the whitening procedure, it is necessary to consult the dentist and choose the one for your implementation of a real professional. Under sterile conditions, the Dental centre on SHABOLOVKA, an experienced specialist is always able to correctly calculate the concentration of the active substance, the melting, the depth and the duration of exposure. This allows you to melt minimize the risk of complications after bleaching and its negative effects on the tooth.


That it is impossible, after the teeth whitening white diet

During the treatment result achieved and remained for a long time, you should not only abandon bad habits, the abuse of tea, coffee, red wine and drinks with dyes, but to follow the so-called "white diet".

According to the white diet in the diet can and you should the following products:

• Pasta;
• the bread;
• Cereals;
• Dairy products (with the exception of dairy products);
• Fish and seafood;
• Protein;
• white meat chicken or rabbit;
• light-colored fruits and vegetables such as bananas, cauliflower, potatoes, etc.

Therefore, you need to remove from your diet all the colorful food, meat, sauces, spices with colouring effect (turmeric, Curry) and foods with a high content of natural acids (citrus fruits, berries).

In addition to adhering to the white diet, you must strictly observe all recommendations of the dental practitioner, for example, use for daily oral hygiene, special pastes, brushes with soft bristles, etc.