Teeth whitening Zoom 4: what is this method and why you do it?

Teeth whitening Zoom 4 technology is still higher than the Zoom 3. In spite of this, there are advantages and disadvantages.

This article describes what Zoom whitening is 4, which, with him, there are contraindications and as this method differs from previous variations.

Teeth whitening zoom 4

More about the procedure

Even the Zoom technology was founded in the United States, slowly it became popular and in other countries. Reviews about your can be very different - from strongly negative to positive.

Zoom 4 is considered as a safe and comfortable System than previous technologies. It contains less hydrogen-peroxide, just 25 %, which is 10% less than in the first systems.

Prior to the action of the hydrochloric acid Email corrupts, so Feedback on Zoom and Zoom 2 were very contradictory.

For the bleaching according to the present technology are used materials and tools from a single source, these two components fit better to each other. Due to this Zoom 4 effective.

Plus a couple of shades of brightening just a walk can be, what it is is another advantage.

This System not only makes the teeth white, but are exempt from the blackout through the use of large amounts of coffee and cigarettes.

The tooth is not spoils-surface and will not crack, since the content of hydrogen peroxide is much less.

The outcome after the intervention can consist of up to 7 years, 2 years more than at Zoom 3, but it is still subject to the fulfilment of the recommendations of the doctor. Side effects when this method is missing.

Before you make your teeth whiter with Zoom 4, you must cave to cure the possible diseases of the mouth. Especially the attention to the presence of caries, or Pulpitis.

In spite of the fact that it is an improved Version of bleach, take note of the oral health must also.

After having his teeth repaired, you should be sure to their cleaning in the dental clinic, since such cleaning is deeper, and the smile after the procedure white.

Some even prescribe the saturation of the tooth enamel with minerals, if the enamel is not very strong and healthy.

Whitening according to the present technology comprises several steps. First, determine the existing shade of the tooth enamel according to a special color scale, then with the soft tissue of the oral cavity various protective substances (cheeks, lips, and gums).

Then 10 front teeth in two rows cover the means for whitening.

Then, the patients wear glasses, the eyes are not damaged, while a special lamp is lit, and then close the device, so that the light fell precisely on the teeth. If the procedure comes to an end, take the glasses, remove the protection with the soft parts.

In contrast to Zoom 3, a brightening of this system, only 10 to 15 minutes. It is then applied to the teeth a special Gel and include the bulb 2-3 times.

It turns out that the General time of the procedure takes about an hour. This explains the number of satisfied, this method and the positive reviews about Zoom 4.

The destruction of the tooth enamel, this procedure does not occur, although in the composition of the gel is hydrogen peroxide. The reason for this is that the substance with hydrogen and an alkaline composition applied at the same time.

This peroxide disappears, not coming to it to melt and ruin the tooth. In addition, the teeth Relief Gel is applied, which contains calcium that strengthens the teeth.

For a long result, it is desirable, in the course of the week, not Smoking, not coffee, red wine, and eat and drink with dyes.

Apart from that, every year, the cleaning of the teeth at the dentist. For this reason, have to write some negative reviews, because you forget to follow the teeth after bleaching.

The process of bleaching, contraindications and recommendations

The process of bleaching

Whitening technology Zoom 4 UV according to the following System:-light acts on the Gel of bleaching, in which oxygen molecules are released, penetrate the tooth surface and carefully remove the Pigment.

In this way, you can whiten teeth 12 tones for a hike in the clinic

However, with this method is its contraindications. Before the whitening procedure is not only always consult with your dentist, but also with other doctors, to know whether allergies to ingredients of the gel, and other substances.must

In addition, you can't go on this procedure if you are on medication, the sensitivity to light accepted. And it affects not only the skin, but of the whole organism.

In addition, if you have a pacemaker, teeth bleaching, Zoom 4 is also not possible.

The procedure is banned if it caries a variety of diseases of the gums, and a cancer.

In addition, if a Person observed any mental illness, then the whitening is also contraindicated.

Not the teeth in this way, pregnant women and people under the age of 16.

However, even if there are no contraindications, it is still often the case, this procedure should not be. To crack otherwise, tooth enamel, and the teeth are very sensitive.

In addition, after bleaching the attention on some tips that can help in the long-time white smile, and save.

In addition to coffee, undesirable, within two days of alcohol-free drinks, berries, fruit, beets, carrots, Ketchup, Adjika, etc.

If you want to keep teeth as white as possible, you should the above-mentioned products to reduce in the diet to a Minimum. After the meal, it is desirable to brush the teeth.

Those who smoke, you will want a minimum of two days on Smoking. To not recommend, and cigars and pipes. If desired, you can buy an electronic cigarette, but it is also not desirable.

Within the first two weeks after the whitening as little as possible, cigarettes touch.

If a Person smokes a lot and often, then it is not to do better, such a procedure is at all, since the effect is completely lost after a week or even a few days.

If you extend the result, then the procedure can perform at home. To do this, you must buy a mouth guard (the caps on the teeth) and the appropriate Gel.

The substance is worn in the caps during the night. Reviews about this adaptation is fundamentally positive - it makes no effort to sleep with him.

Here, the teeth white, the next morning is pretty eye-catching, also in view of the fact that the Bleaching was carried out at home.

In addition, this method reduces the risk of caries and other diseases, as has antiseptic properties.

In addition, it is advisable to purchase thread for cleaning teeth, to support a good toothbrush and a professional Pasta - oral hygiene now. Some people do not harm, a means for rinsing the mouth.