Tooth Whitening Systems

In the composition of the professional bleaching systems water contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. Special gels do not damage tooth bleached enamel and effectively the teeth, acts on organic substances in Dentin. The System of tooth whitening there are two types: armchair – the used physicians in the clinic and at home – for self-use.

Professional Tooth Whitening System

Desktop Teeth Whitening

The principle of the Bleaching process in dental medicine consists in applying to the teeth a whitening Gel, the effect of which, in most cases reinforced with the aid of the catalyst in the Form of UV light or laser light. We will consider features of the most commonly used systems chair tooth whitening.


The Gel on the teeth activated UV lamps from Philips. There are several variants of the system – a ZOOM 1, ZOOM 2, ZOOM 3 and ZOOM 4. In the last versions – a longer light shaft, shortened the time required for the procedure and to reduce the concentration of hydrogen peroxide 25%, without a loss of efficiency. The process takes about an hour. In the result, teeth are white on a 12 – 15 tones.

Laser smile

The laser system allows for an even higher significant results due to the directed action of the laser on each tooth, Bleaching Gel treated. A session lasts about 20 minutes, the whiteness of the teeth increases to 15 shades of color.

Amazing White

Gentle light-whitening Gel containing peroxide — not more than 16%. Radiation LED lamp provokes the release of atoms of oxygen, removing the dirt with a toothbrush surface. The process takes about half an hour, the teeth become whiter tones, 6 – 12, the effect lasts up to 6 months with a restricted consumption of staining foods and drinks.

Opalescence boost

A variant of the chemical bleaching without the use of catalysts. Another advantage is the strengthening of the tooth enamel due to the content of the Gel fluorides. The result lasts up to 3 years in compliance with the "white" diet. The bleaching is done on 5 – 10 tones.


Tooth-brightening of the fabric by the impact of the cold lighting (Halogen) to the oxygen Gel. The procedure is done in 20 – 40 minutes and ends whitening to 10 shades.

Luma Cool

The System in Russia is almost unknown, but very popular abroad. Its feature is the application of the LED lamp is cold light, the overheating of the pulp, and no damage to the enamel. The processing time should not exceed half an hour, in consequence of which the teeth are bleached in 8 colors.

Home Tooth Whitening

The use of the systems of teeth whitening at home implies the application of the recommended solution for the dentist whitening teeth with a lower content of peroxide. The method is suitable series for people with increased sensitivity of the tooth and those who want to support the result, thanks to armchair methodology.

White Light

Kit includes a Gel consisting of carbamide peroxide, two mouth guards and lamp-activator. Standard lining from the set can be replaced individual, but for you to pay extra. Kapu with Gel on the teeth and press on his lamp switched pull to 10 minutes. The process is repeated a maximum of three times per day during the week.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips

the result of the tooth whitening strip

Set of 28 strips with a bleaching agent. The plate is fixed to a tooth-powder range on forty minutes. The duration of the course is two weeks.

In addition, there are whitening pens and paints. However, they are practically useless, and a good dentist hardly advise you similar options.

Crest Whitening Strips you can buy in the Shop start to smile.

The best System tooth whitening

Clearly say which System is better, not you. Professional methods are used for basic tooth whitening, Home for the strengthening and preservation of the result. The most effective and safest way is as a in-clinic procedure, as the experiments at home is fraught with unpleasant consequences in the Form of irritation or burning of the mucous membrane of the gums.

Under the chair of options of large popularity of the Laser technique is — the device heats tissue, the smile is white, about 15 sounds, and the process takes less than half an hour. To call this advantages of Laser teeth whitening entitle best System.