What are the whitening provides the best results

Ways to make your teeth much brighter. But what is dental best know? This article is an answer to this question.

What are the whitening provides the best results

At first glance, law, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a certain type of Bleaching, in order to understand which technology is better. In fact, everything is a little more complicated. The fact that each person's teeth individually. So the final conclusion about the effectiveness of the technology, the whitening of the enamel can only clinics with the help of the feedback of the patients of dental.

The professional teeth whitening at the dentist

What we see in the search results in the Browser in response to the request: the best teeth whitening? Hundreds, maybe thousands of niche pages with tips obscure "experts", and sometimes outright charlatans, рекомендующих the best teeth whitening. At this advertised systems must be safe to apply at home. Of course, trust this Council not to compare the home whitening of the teeth on the safety and efficacy is capable of with a professional.

True professionals recommend that the teeth exclusively in dental practices. All of the natural remedies that might give a good result in terms of whitening of the teeth, but not necessarily, the surface of the tooth enamel damage.

Which program is the best whitening

Dentistry offers several systems for professional teeth whitening. All of them are good. All have advantages and disadvantages. What to choose for a System? Those with the most advantages and the least disadvantages. Therefore, each System should be according to the following parameters:

  • Security.
  • The Performance.
  • Speed.
Whitening Light

This is a relatively new method of whitening of the tooth enamel, so you can work safely even with sensitive teeth. The bare roots, cracked enamel, and is also not chipped are a hindrance to the bleaching light, since this technology has a healing effect and helps to restore damaged tooth enamel. Guests reviews about this technology in the vast majority positive.

The bleaching light is applied with the help of Gel on the teeth. His irradiated to the dentist with a special lamp. UV light activated agents in the Gel causing the whitening of tooth enamel.

Bleaching light has the following advantages:

Methods of teeth whitening
  • Working directly with all of the teeth.
  • The achieved result is kept for several years.
  • For the bleaching light there are no contraindications.
  • High speed to achieve the desired result.
  • No Side-Effects.
  • Tooth enamel is not damaged.

When bleaching light you have dentures, have no fear, for ceramic, metal and plastic. You don't change your color.

The advantage of the bleaching light can also the costs are low.

Chemical bleaching

Honestly, is different from the chemical method, a little of the bleaching light. In both cases, a special whitening Gel. This is only in the case of the chemical method, no catalyst for the activation of the gel is not required.

Chemical bleaching has a positive effect only if the teeth no Composite, ceramic, or Polymer inserts. The fact that the Gel can only with the natural Dentin. To take into account the natural color of tooth enamel. In the bleaching yellow teeth this method gives good results, but the brown color is bad on the chemical effect. Grayish enamel chemical method is not white.

The main advantage of chemical bleaching – no heating of the teeth.

Mechanical and ultrasonic whitening

Similar brightening is a good result, but a full-fledged him not to call. The fact that you can only remove mechanical deposits from the surface of the teeth. In fact, it is a professional teeth cleaning.

The known technology of the mechanical whitening AirFlow . It looks as follows: to the teeth nozzle, the under pressure a mixture of water, air and a very fine abrasive. This beam is removed quickly with the tooth and everything is melting too much, and it gives you the original color.

Ultrasonic whitening is a more expensive possibility of mechanical. With this method of cleaning is the risk of damage to the tooth enamel is minimal.

Mechanical and ultrasonic whitening not to make the Email easier, than it was by nature.

Laser Whitening Laser Whitening

Essentially a Laser is a kind of whitening bleaching light is. However, due to the fact that the catalyst for the active Gel is a Laser, dentists draw separately of this System for the bleaching. The Laser allows doctors to more accurately work on each tooth individually. That is to say, the whole process of the clarification is fully controlled, which is not about the chemical and bleaching light.

With the use of laser light damage to the tooth enamel or the cavity the soft parts of the mouth. The procedure is completely pain-free and allows in a short time, you will get a very good result.

The advantages of the Laser method:

  • This procedure strengthens the tooth enamel.
  • Laser is safe.
  • Does not take much time.
  • Gives a good result.
  • Has a bactericidal effect and serves as an excellent prevention of caries.
  • Long-term preservation of the results achieved – up to 10 years.

The disadvantage of the Laser whitening in just one – the high cost of the procedure.


It is time to draw a conclusion. In this article, the most widespread Bleaching System were considered. Exotic options and home-made whitening of the enamel were not taken into account. What conclusion you can make, according to an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of all considered methods? It is located on the Hand. For the whole of the advantages and disadvantages of the best way, teeth whitening dentists, Laser teeth whitening. It is the management of a variant of the dark enamel allows, no restrictions, for sure. Of course, this type of whitening is the most expensive, but the result is worth the money.