Laser tooth whitening: advantages and disadvantages, indications for the procedure

But it is also the professional tooth whitening at the dentist is safe? In the pursuit of white teeth, the Person, not whether the damage to your health, strength, and integrity? It is no secret that many of the myths surrounding whitening procedures: it is said that it is harmful and groundless tax. You try to understand.

What is the essence of the Laser-Bleaching

Laser Teeth Whitening

Not enameled, and the upper layer, the color of the teeth. It depends primarily of Dentin. When the Dentin is healthy, the colour is bright yellow. And the Email, with the rays of light, adds to the intensity of the color and external toothbrush whitens the surface. But it is healthy and healthy Dentin of the same Email, not so, unfortunately, frequent cases. There are many factors that lead to darkening of the tooth color.

So, the teeth change their color:

  • Alcohol;
  • frequent use of heavily pigmented foods;
  • Smoking;
  • lack of oral hygiene;
  • Caries;
  • Taking medication with a fluorine content;
  • Hereditary diseases;
  • mechanical injuries of the teeth.

This means not only external factors but also internal effects on the discoloration of the teeth. Before resorting to the bleach, try to reject everything, what is the color of the teeth is damaging, or at least partially reduce the risks associated with the darkening of the tooth enamel.

Laser whitening, in spite of its name, it is not so much on the action of the laser, how many on the action of the well-known hydrogen peroxide. But it seemed to be faster and more effective on the teeth, use a beam of light. The Laser not only accelerates the procedure of whitening teeth, but it is safe.

Even hydrogen peroxide harmful for tooth enamel, and in large quantities is harmful to the Dentin and nerves. Because without special catalysts not waive: UV catalyst as one of the best. Under its effect of peroxide of hydrogen penetrates much faster into the tooth acts on denta, if, theoretically, have a negative impact on the melting can begin.

Laser teeth whitening is a popular dental treatment

Advantages of this type of whitening

In any case, this type of Bleaching is naive as a panacea, is absolutely harmless kind of way. But it has important advantages that make it a market leader in the market for such dental services.

Advantages of the Laser-type teeth whitening

  1. The speed of the session. Light-whitening takes less than an hour or two, and Laser procedures ulozhitsya in a half-hour (to a maximum of 40 minutes).
  2. High Results. Already two to three treatments will give visible, serious effects. And the result itself will be saved for a few years! That is, the same LED-lighting and in this respect, loses the result, it will take a maximum of four months.
  3. Relative Safety. The composition of the highest intensity allows the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, by the time of their influence. Such a composition may also, for the teeth with initial caries. And, thus, were protected and covered by the gums, the doctor and their special composition reliably.
  4. The effect of the disinfection. UV radiation, among other things, and the prophylaxis of caries, but also other infections of the oral cavity.

Should the work principle of the laser show. In the base a certain concentration of an infinitely small light source, two mirrors. The temperature does not increase, the enamel is hot, but here the intensity of the UV is increased activator. The process is carried out at a high speed, but competently, taking into account a specific flashing frequency applicable to the Laser-beams are not warmed. That is to say, such Manipulation is not going to be overly hot the teeth.

Disadvantages of Laser teeth whitening

There are cons, of course. The fact of the artificial whitening of the teeth is contrary to the natural health speaks. Tooth brightened, not from its own resources, but by chemical compounds that affect the Hardware unit.

Hydrogen peroxide itself is a huge acid. Even in the diluted state, it can can be harmful to the teeth: the effect on the enamel of the teeth and denta and negative. Often tooth brighter, but it happens this is due to ossification denta. And that's a risk that the Dentin is not able, nutritious, valuable calcium from the body. Natural mechanisms are breached, the health of the teeth.

There are two serious point.

  1. The composition acts quickly, with a high rate of speed, the tooth nerve is simply no time to be injured, but he had no time to adapt to the new elasticity dents. It is that the probability of the occurrence of pain is not the way out.
  2. If the nerve is damaged, the enamel is more sensitive.
The procedure of Laser teeth whitening

As you can see, the risks are very serious. If you opt for such a procedure, you must be ready for it. Some time the Patient avoid foods, contrasting to their thermal properties. If the pain after bleaching strong, persistent, you have to pain killers.

Whom Laser is banned Bleaching

Not everyone shows this method of aesthetic dentistry. For example, during exacerbation of chronic diseases can not be used. All immune disorders, disease as a contraindication. Finally, Tooth Decay. Although theoretically the possibility of using hydrogen peroxide in conjunction with a Laser, it is wiser to do whitening of the treated, healthy teeth.

If you there is increased sensitivity of tooth enamel, you will only aggravate the Situation. Pain last for several weeks are still after the whitening. Also non-response is excluded and the individual is allergic, if the assumptions be abandoned should the possibility of such clarification of the process.

Who shown dental white

But if you perform dare after weighing all the factors in favor of a method or against him, in this procedure, first make sure that you need them at all. For example, do not bleach the teeth of minors. Is not this worth during pregnancy and lactation. Not a good idea in the lead when in the mouth an artificial crowns and/or very clear seal.

Bleaching shown, if:

  • Email obscured in connection with age-related changes in the color of the tooth brush units;
  • yellow or gray teeth from birth;
  • Formation of stains on the enamel;
  • Color change of dents after ingestion of fluoride-containing preparations.

In General, to Bleaching those people, whose activities in connection with the need to be solved, your smile, the so-called "verbal-oriented professional show". In other cases, the extent of the problem must realistically evaluate, nevertheless harmless method call.

Beautiful white smile

What to do after the lead

The result, in any case, the reinforcement. Finally, the new color will weeks after about 2. During this time, you should give up Smoking, but also by the intake of staining foods and drinks. It is believed that the difference in "before and after" ordinary: tooth brighten up to 8-10 shades. The first Bleaching can include 2-3 sessions.