System for teeth whitening at home White Light: instructions, features

Who doesn't dream of a snow-white Hollywood smile? Iridescent white teeth today speak of the well-being and high social status of their owner. The use of folk recipes for teeth whitening is often troublesome, sometimes dangerous for tooth enamel and does not always lead to a noticeable and desired result. Dental cleaning by professional dentists is expensive and time-consuming.

The revolutionary White Light teeth whitening system was developed for a situation in which free resources and time are insufficient. This allows you to carry out almost professional manipulations at home at a convenient time.

Teeth whitening at home

Teeth before and after whitening

To whiten tooth enamel at home can be done using different methods:

  • periodic (no more than twice a week) use of a toothpaste with a whitening effect;
  • using normal activated carbon powder as an abrasive (no more than 1-2 times a week);
  • applying a concentrated suspension of baking soda to the enamel and gums;
  • using an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide to rinse the mouth;
  • Use of special toothpastes to lighten abrasives, lighten tooth enamel (day or night) with sticks - onlays;
  • Application of whitening trays and gels

The original system "White Light" ("White Light") is an innovative and most effective tool for the comfortable and quick lightening of enamel at home. The peculiarity of teeth whitening with the help of the system lies in the latest technology of using light of a certain frequency in combination with a special gel.

Complete system set

The complete White Light Teeth Whitening Kit contains the following components:

  • Instructions for use;
  • Special device - an onlay, a transparent face mask for the upper and lower jaw with indentations for the teeth;
  • tubes (2 pieces, 20 grams each) with green-white-green labels (teeth whitening gel - bleach and gel activator);
  • special customer-specific plastic lamp with LED;
  • batteries that contain lithium;
  • packaging.

Kappa is made of special plastic that does not deform. It can be divided in half and used separately for the upper or lower jaw.

The only disadvantage is the averaged and therefore incomplete shape of the kappa, which was made according to standard templates. Due to the individual structure of the jaws and the specifics of the bite, the mouthguard may not fit tightly to the teeth, and as a result, a small amount of gel will be washed out with saliva.

What does the bleaching product contain?

One of the tubes contains a whitening gel and the other contains an activator. The main component in the composition of the gels is carbamide peroxide, which is a chemically modified hydrogen peroxide.

Exposure to light at a certain frequency triggers a chemical reaction, free oxygen is released, which destroys the dark plaque on the tooth enamel from the outside as well as from the inside. The duration of the synthesis process is ten to thirty minutes, which determines the time of the whitening process at home, and the total duration of chemical exposure per day should not exceed 30 minutes.

White light technology offers a number of undeniable advantages. First, whitening gels contain a sufficient amount of active ingredient to achieve a professional result. This makes the teeth five to eight tones whiter. Second, the gels do not contain any harsh acids or alkalis, which means that they are perfectly safe to use. Third, the whitening effect lasts for up to a year and a half even if the recommendations for diet and oral hygiene are not fully followed.

How do you use the system?

Using a tray of teeth whitening gels

You can achieve maximum results by carefully following the instructions for use. Before using whitening agents, you must thoroughly brush your teeth on all sides.

Then you need to carefully open both tubes with gels and apply each composition, one at a time, to both mouthguards with a narrow strip (about half a centimeter wide). In this case, each cavity of the mouthguard must be filled with gel. After that, aligners should be placed on the teeth.

Now you have to bring the lamp with the light transmitter, press and fix it and wrap your lips around the outer edge. You can then switch on the device by pressing the appropriate button.

The dimmed blue light goes out automatically after 10 minutes for the standard procedure. Now you need to take the device out of your mouth, rinse the oral cavity well with water and wash the trays themselves from the remaining gel.

Please note that the first use of the system should not exceed ten minutes. If necessary, you can repeat the whitening session one or two times in the future, but no more than 30 minutes a day. The course of enamel whitening is designed for five days of daily use. If necessary, you can extend it up to fourteen days.

After the manipulation, for a while, do not eat foods that can stain tooth enamel (coffee, strong tea, beets, carrots and others). Don't smoke.

You need to know that the system's whitening effect is aimed at cleaning only natural teeth. The use of the device to whiten dentures (veneers, crowns) and fillings is not recommended. It's also impossible to remove stains on tooth enamel caused by medication (such as tetracyclines) or fluorosis.

Contraindications to use

Anyone can use the enamel bleaching system with practically no restrictions. The exception are people with an increased sensitivity of the teeth to extreme temperatures, sour and sweet, as well as allergies to the components of the gel. There are also temporary contraindications to its use:

Consultation with a dentist
  • Age of the child (up to 16 to 18 years);
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding (there is a chance the gel could accidentally get into the esophagus);
  • chronic disease exacerbation (it is better to speak to your doctor first);
  • the presence of acute inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, carious lesions and cavities of the teeth, pulpitis, periodontitis, thinning of the enamel and cracks on it, inflammation of the gums (it is necessary to consult a dentist or periodontist).

Instructions for caring for the device

The White Light device does not require any special and complex maintenance. The mouthguard can be dismantled in half before cleaning.

Ordinary soap and tap water are fine to clean the lamp. Do not immerse the appliance completely in water and do not use a dishwasher. Open it up. At the end of the cleaning process, all elements must be wiped dry.

Almost everyone has the opportunity to make their smile snow white. The relatively low cost of a set of the white light system and the best value for money make it affordable for almost all social classes of the population.