Teeth Whitening System Zoom

Today in dentistry, there are many ways of teeth whitening. But the most common method is of the opinion whitening System Zoom.

Dentists believe that the System Zoom is one of the safest and most effective methods of teeth whitening for a Hollywood smile. Doctors say that thanks to modern technology, this procedure is not only safe and gentle, but also effective. The duration of action is three years, but taking into account the compliance with the recommendations of the dentist.

We will notice that today there is not only the Zoom technology, but also an improved Version of Zoom 2, Zoom 3 and Zoom 4. The technology is no different, in principle, bleaching, with the exception of more sophisticated and effective means.

Advantages and disadvantages of Zoom

Teeth Whitening System Zoom

The main advantage of the tooth whitening System Zoom is an impressive aesthetic effect. Among the other positive characteristics:

  1. Teeth whitening up to 12 shades.
  2. Save the result of up to 5 years, with proper care for your teeth.
  3. The method can be carried out once in 6 months, in order to improve the result.
  4. With the permission of the doctor procedure can be performed even if you cave in minor diseases of the mouth.
  5. The technology enables the removal of outdated and deep-rooted Plaque from cigarettes, wine and coffee.
  6. Method Zoom more economical, as the doctor, and the intensity of the laser radiation can be corrected to the melting.
  7. Practically no pain.
  8. The bleaching is done evenly.
  9. The prevention of tooth decay and strengthening the tooth enamel.

A major disadvantage of the procedure is considered to be a necessity for a long time (1.5-2 hours) of sitting with wide open mouth under the lamp. In addition, due to the sensitivity of the individual teeth of the Patient can complain of severe pain. Abnormal sensations usually disappear on the second day. As to the teeth, a special Gel is applied, the impact on the gums and soft tissue of the oral cavity can result in mechanical damage. In some cases, the teeth are bleached too much, and the white color of the teeth looks unnatural.

Contraindications to bleaching of the teeth

With any treatment, there are a number of contraindications. To include contraindications for Zoom bleaching the teeth:

  1. The diseases the presence of caries and inflammatory processes, as well as the gums.
  2. The presence of a variety of fillings and implants teeth, as restorative materials differ in the structure of the teeth, the result may be not perfect.
  3. Thin and severely damaged enamel.
  4. Strong sensitivity of the teeth.
  5. Intolerance to the components, the part of the gel to the whitening.
  6. Cancer, Chemotherapy.
  7. Pregnancy and breast-feeding Baby.
  8. The procedure is for people older than 18 years.

Preparation for bleaching teeth

Preparation for bleaching

Bleaching as a safe and aesthetically simple. But before the Bleaching, a thorough investigation and elimination of diseases of the teeth and gums otherwise teeth whitening is useless.

Before you begin the complex process of giving the teeth as white as snow, the specialist examines the mouth. Therefore, if the Patient has only the slightest signs of any diseases, then the whitening procedure is shifted to the duration of the treatment. When bleaching modern materials and technologies, the cave in the presence of inflammatory processes in the mouth, will cause the further development of the disease or the destruction of the tooth. We will note that the dentist may recommend the replacement of old fillings and restoration materials, the modern one, which does not vary in the color of blanched teeth.

After the treatment, the physician necessarily to the professional teeth results cleaning. While cleaning Tartar and Plaque removed. Teeth are polished and fluoride is applied. After cleaning it 3-5 days before you bleach.

In this period of time dentists recommend a special course to strengthen the tooth enamel. This is necessary, the sensitivity of the teeth after the cleaning. It is also useful for the General health of the teeth.

Technology Zoom Whitening

The basis of the technologyTechnology Zoom Whitening Zoom is a acid-free Gel in close contact with a specially developed lamp produces oxygen molecules. Oxygen molecules will penetrate into the hard tissue of the tooth and the crowding out of even the sastarewschije stains on the tooth enamel. In the composition of the gel of amorphous Calcium phosphate, which strengthens the tooth enamel, getting into the cracks and structural defects of the tooth is.

  1. In The Preparation Phase. On the eye special protective eyewear. The Person close to the mask. In addition, the lips, the cream and the gum is applied to isolate from the effects of the light of the lamp. In some cases, in addition, protective sprayed Gel.
  2. On the teeth the Gel the dentist gives, which includes: amorphous calcium phosphate, light-activated catalyst and hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Lamp Zoom set so that the light fell evenly on the upper and lower teeth. Under direct light in the Gel produces oxygen and delivers teeth whitening.
  4. The procedure takes one hour, but divided on 3 phases in 20 minutes with short breaks.
  5. While bleaching the teeth white can be from 8 to 12 colors.
  6. After the completion of the procedure, patients wear to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth and for the General strengthening of the tooth enamel.

The whole procedure of bleaching lasts for a maximum of 2 hours.

Care of the teeth after the bleaching is Zoom technology

Snow-white smile after bleaching

In order to keep the Whitening to get the effect as possible, you need to certain recommendations.

The first 2 days after the procedure, you must complete the sauces from the food colouring food: tea, coffee, wine, juice, chocolate, lemonade, fruit, vegetables and berries, the color to emit, exclude, etc. In the future should be on the consumption of these products, as after the use of trying to be as fast as possible to clean or rinse the mouth.

In the first 2 days of Smoking, or replace the electronic cigarette tobacco products to quit. In the first 14 days, a reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked, if you do not do this, it will disappear of the entire effect of the Zoom is easy, but the money is wasted.

In the case when the Patient is completely white teeth is not satisfied, then the dentist can recommend home whitening with the help of Gel-to-Zoom. The Gel on the mouth guard, the pull of the night on the teeth. The mouth protection will not provide virtually any discomfort, and the Gel in the bleaching strengthens the teeth and is an excellent remedy for the prevention of caries.

After the bleaching should be carefully the mouth monitor hygiene. Necessarily dental floss use, a good toothbrush and toothpaste. Do not forget that rinsing the mouth shower. Best is to ask the dentist's advice, will help you cave in the selection of the best products for cleaning and care of the mouth. Proper Hygiene and compliance with all recommendations, the help, the aesthetic effect of the bleaching on for several years.

Tooth System Zoom white-home

Many people are wondering whether it is possible to whiten your teeth at home? Of course you can, but the result is not so spectacular.

Note that, before you bleaching your teeth at home, you need to consult a doctor. Homemade teeth whitening-Zoom technology means the wearing of special Kapp, in which the Gel is placed. For the preparation of compound that do not need to bring discomfort, to visit a dental clinic, so the doctor took impressions of the teeth and in the laboratory, mouth manufactured protection.

The wearing of special mouth guard with Gel

After the preparation of compound doctor a try-on leads and check that the device is pressed on the gums. The doctor shows and tells how to shoot properly, mouth protection and carrying out tooth whitening at home.

Gel Zoom inside applied mouth protection to those areas that are in contact with the surface of the tooth, usually with the outside of the teeth. When you create mouth protection, excess Gel can be from the outside. The excess cloth can be easily cleaned.

Gel-to-Zoom for day and night whitening. In the daylight bleaching mouth guard worn 2 times daily for 30 minutes. At night – the whole night.

Whitening kit Zoom available in specialized Online stores, but do not use without consulting the doctor is recommended.

The cost of the procedure Zoom

The cost for the implementation of the whitening-Zoom technology is dependent on the individual condition of the teeth and of the Version of the technology followed. For example, Zoom 3 a bit cheaper Zoom 4 costs.