Homemade Teeth Whitening

The desire to have a white smile is very clear: they all want to charming and attractive. Nowadays, aesthetic dental of dentistry offers various teeth whitening options. In all this diversity, man, wanted to change its Image, it is difficult to understand. In our article we will tell about teeth whitening at home. Paths can be different — the choice is only yours.

Two methods of teeth whitening at home

  • Professional Set contains the Gel and CAPA, the specialist produces individually.
  • Pharmaceutical agent preparations contain bleach, and with Standard Set of cap.

Home Bleaching of the teeth with the help of Cap

This is the easiest and safest method for the production of snow-white smile. The house itself, you fill the mouth guard Gel and you wear them in the time convenient for you. While you are busy with your tasks, the drug works, it whitens the teeth. Repeat the process several times until you get the desired effect.

The first step on the way to the snow-white smile, and a visit to the dentist is. You need to be an expert checked the condition of your teeth and gums, there are contraindications for the procedure can. In the clinic, you get the most appropriate System for you to bleach.

Preparation at home bleaching

  • Consulting with a specialist. The choice of Bleaching, taking into account the specifics of your teeth and desires.
  • Professional Hygiene. To achieve the expected effect of the teeth whitening can, simply remove Plaque and stone.
  • Manufacturer of mouth guards. The doctor takes impressions of both jaws for the creation of individual cap.

Home whitening is safe

Whitening can dramatically change your Image change. According to the experts, safe ways of whitening of the teeth — those that are strictly under the supervision of specialists. Only a professional can individually give the concentration of the drug for the main course, as well as the necessary recommendations. It is therefore very important to choose a clinic and a doctor you trust is the most precious thing they have — health.

Carry Kapu for teeth whitening, you can during the day and night — it all depends on the selected System. For optimal results, the procedure is repeated several times — to determine the degree of whitening.

Who indexed the home whitening double

  • Patients with lactose-hydrogen peroxide
  • Minors
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • People with a heightened sensitivity of the teeth
  • Patients with fillings, crowns or dentures on the front teeth
Tooth whitening

Your health — our concern

Experts say that trust only a professional agent for the bleaching of teeth at home. You can buy them in dental clinics. Kits for bleaching, which went on sale in the Salons, to Internet stores and even pharmacies, in General, ineffective. In addition, you and your health can be hurt.

For the Home Bleaching, professional tooth apply pastes. Depending on the individual characteristics of the enamel Paste of bleaching the teeth can be shades of up to 3. But the important thing is the variety of pastes, whitening with the conventional: for example, in the morning you brush your teeth Whitening, and in the evening the helping.

Recommendations for at home teeth whitening

The effect remained as long as possible, you need to follow the instructions of your doctor. For the period of treatment and two weeks after you dispense with heavily pigmented foods and drinks, for example red wine, strong tea or coffee, carrots, beets, and others. Also, please note that Smoking on the teeth pigmented Plaque is formed, whereby the efficiency of the bleaching is reduced.