How to efficiently and safely whiten your teeth at home

Teeth whitening at home

The smile, the snow white can be done without the visit to the dental practitioner and the use of expensive untested medium. The ingredients for the bleaching of the tooth enamel there are in every house: Soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, wood ash, strawberries. The correct use and dosage will help to attract dental plaque.

It is safe, independent teeth whitening

Homemade means give the effect only in the cases of the formation of tooth enamel yellow due to excessive consumption of sweets, strong tea, coffee, Smoking, or improper nutrition. Diseases, regular diet is also affect the color of the teeth, and house means do not help. Preliminary the main problem solved.

Homemade bleach for sure, if proportioning and schedule for use.


  1. Sensitivity of the teeth and gum disease — the impact on you can be painful.
  2. Fillings and crowns — teeth whitening will be uneven.
  3. Pregnancy — Email in this time, exhausted from lack of calcium in the body, it can easily be damaged.

Hydrogen peroxide

Rapid effect of hydrogen peroxide, but the frequent use destroys tooth enamel and leads to tooth sensitivity. Do not use more than once per month.

Flush: 3% hydrogen peroxide from the pharmacy diluted in half with water. After the use of the medium, rinse the mouth with water.

Liquid powder: hydrogen peroxide combine with Soda. Cotton swab or cotton ball in a circular motion to clean the teeth for 1-2 minutes. Double-effective: peroxide loosens Plaque and Soda away from the surface of the enamel.

Tip! Hydrogen peroxide with Soda ash to use as little as possible, otherwise the enamel is damaged.
Baking powder

Baking powder

Quickly cleans the teeth, but its crystals are too hard for you, therefore you should not use a toothbrush.

Gruel: a pinch of baking soda diluted with water, and lightly RUB the teeth, they are 2 shades whiter.

Whitening toothpaste: add a little baking powder to make a Paste and it is Whitening. Use 1 time per week.


The berries contain substances that the brightening of the Email, a disinfectant for the mouth and causing an unpleasant smell, but Glucose and Fructose metabolize fluoride ions. It is recommended that after using the berry bleaching agent, the teeth brushing, toothpaste with fluoride.

Strawberry puree: the berries apply on teeth and leave it for a few minutes. Thoroughly rinse with water.

Berries with Soda: in the pulp of the berries, add a pinch of baking powder, bleach work double acting.

The Wood Ash

Cleans Plaque, but it can't be said often broken in Email. Alleviate the effects, you can mix the ashes with the toothpaste. Not a stock to accumulate!

Recipe: sour milk, pour the sifted ashes, and mix, and you have to spend cleaning a normal brush. Lactic acid softens Plaque and makes no enamel get stained in the color black. And the ash removed.

How to white teeth

The achievement of the desired result is to keep important. The right diet, struggle with bad habits, the consumption of dairy products and carrots, protect against the formation of Plaque. Chewing gum after eating to remove food particles and freshen breath.