Safe Teeth Whitening

Whitening — effective method for dealing with yellow stains on the teeth. There are harmless methods? In this article, the professional and safe way-Home tooth whitening, as well as the main contraindications for this procedure are analyzed. You will learn how to whiten your teeth without harm to health and which methods are the most efficient in the struggle for a beautiful smile.

Methods of professional whitening

Tooth whitening

In most cases, people do not try with dark teeth at home and seek the help of professionals in the field of dentistry. It is your skill and skill depends on the end result. Attributed to so, the main methods of professional whitening:

  1. Photo Bleaching. This aesthetic procedure is considered to be one of the most popular in the world. This Manipulation includes lamps, the translucency of the teeth LED, galogenovimi or UV. But not only that light active against stains and yellow coloring. Before you on the teeth interact with lamps, dentists, and cover them with a special solution in which the peroxide of hydrogen and a catalyst. A radiant smile is achieved by carrying out of chemical reactions on surfaces by light and accelerates the heating mode. As dentists say, with this method, the bleaching of the teeth a few shades. But the doctors emphasize that the recourse to the photo-brightening of the people should be, the teeth have a yellowish tint, as the owner of the gray teeth, you should be satisfied with the result.
  2. Laser Bleaching. This method is ideal for people who are equipped by nature with yellowish or gray teeth. According to the experts, the gentle and safe effect on the tooth enamel (in comparison with chemical Bleaching) has. For the implementation of the procedures doctors use a special Gel that removes the stains and whitens the teeth under the action of the laser beam. During the Manipulation, the Patient no discomfort and pain feels. At observance of all requirements and recommendations of the doctor, effect can hold, not less than 4 years.
  3. Chemical bleaching. This clinical method for some years, discussions of items of dentists in the world. Chemical tooth bleaching involves applying to a surface of a special structure, its components, getting started in a reaction, the atomic oxygen to give. It was he, pigments discolour the dentine of the tooth. This method may take 2 to 3 hours. The impact of their implementation immediately visible and can last longer than 5 years.
  4. Opalescence Xtra Boost. This technique enjoys great popularity not only in Russia, but worldwide. In the list of safest methods. Its essence consists in the activation of a special solution with the help of a chemical catalyst. The resulting Gel is applied to the tooth enamel a couple of times. Whitening, on the Basis of active oxygen Opalescence occurs in several stages. So, the doctor will determine how often the Patient must visit his office.
  5. ZOOM. A further method, which are listed in the list of the first. Bleaching according to this System runs in several steps, which includes: preparation of the teeth, the production crosscut, a direct bleaching, course to maintain the results. This System is the coverage of the enamel with a special solution, the basis of potassium phosphate. Effect of the whitening Gel is activated with the help of a UV lamp. The result of procedure is truly impressive: the teeth are shiny and smooth.

This is interesting! White teeth is not always as attractive. So, during the Roman Empire were the Symbol of wealth as a Golden prosthesis. In the middle ages pride of the "Elite" of the society were rotten, rotten teeth. And in Ancient China, black teeth, helped the young girl find soon profitable groom.

Safe way home

There are several options for safe and effective whitening Folk remedies, proven over the years. You can alone at home. So, the main methods of struggle with a yellowing and stains on the teeth in the home attributed to:

  1. Cleaning Tablespoon Of Baking Powder. This is the method the majority of dentists not only effective, but also safe. He sees the application of baking soda to the tooth enamel and RUB with a conventional toothbrush. However, the result of this procedure, have to wait a couple of months. More about the method, bleaching Soda "
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. Most of these methods attracts impatient people, not willing to wait for several months until the first results of whitening at home. It is worth noting that hydrogen peroxide is an essential component of almost all well-known methods of professional whitening. This solution makes your teeth really are a few shades lighter, but its application can of meat the edge of a negative impact on the condition of the teeth: they can be very sensitive and often ill. For more information, to bleaching with hydrogen peroxide "
  3. The cleaning of the teeth strawberries. Until recently, people did not know about the unique properties of strawberries, you will enjoy exclusively according to your taste. In fact, these are the sweet berries of the worst enemy of Plaque and stains on the teeth. To clean effectively, strawberries mash in the mash and use as a normal toothpaste.
  4. Wood-Resin. This path to the end is not studied. But dentists are in agreement that the resin of the trees to clean really in the position to their surface, since in its composition of potassium hydroxide has. The truth is, doctors are admonished to strictly: frequent use of the wood resin can damage the tooth enamel.
  5. Grass. There are several types of herbs that have bleached your teeth well and have a positive influence on the General condition of the oral cavity. The most effective Basil and sage. Safe whitening with sage, the daily cleaning with the help of the powder ground in plants.
  6. Cleaning of the teeth with the help of iodine. This procedure, according to dentists, is based solely on contrasts. Man, weekly the sliding solution of iodine teeth, sincerely surprised-and-white, without dark spots on its surface. But, nevertheless, this method is absolutely safe for health.

You think of it! There is no such method of tooth whitening, which would guarantee the result for life. The Foundation stone for the lasting effect of the procedure, the fulfilment of all the recommendations of the dentist the care.

The most important contraindications

bright smile

In the list of contraindications for bleaching of the teeth also should:

  • Caries;
  • Pregnancy;
  • to young age (dentists the patients who are not yet 16 years old);
  • the presence of seals or crowns on the teeth;
  • the availability screeds brackets;
  • the periodontal disease.

Before you decide on the tooth whitening in the clinic or on the implementation of the home treatment to eliminate stains and yellowing, is not only to understand the specifics of the implementation of the technology, but also for themselves the safest and most effective way, not only for a beautiful smile, but also not harm the health decide.

Safe Teeth Whitening

If you are planning on whitening, in addition to the aesthetic effect, you will certainly be concerned about the preservation of the structure of the teeth and the acid-base balance in the mouth. Make the white teeth and not to hurt you? Whitening may be safely, at observance of certain rules.

If whitening could damage

If, on the teeth there are defects (Chips, cracks, enamel, drop-like growths), is developing caries and periodontal disease, then make use of the services of the beauticians should not be. The fact that in fact, the process of bleaching is a chemical reaction, i.e., the effect is achieved by Oxidation.

The second factor method is chosen incorrectly, and the use of aggressive acid-containing preparations with excessive dosage (Bleaching gels based on hydrogen peroxide and urea, which act in the case of non-observance of proportions as lye). Specialist right not to promises effective teeth whitening, if you are interested in the further fate of the patient.

If there is no trust in the professionalism of the beautician and as a drug intervention would be better off without, because their outcome is almost unpredictable.

Whether you Home whitening gentle

There is an opinion that the teeth can be brighter in the home: gentle whitening is safe and cheaper, available for each Person.

Actually, you can only agree with his availability, to understand the other is required.

The main reason, the need to refrain from self-selection to a bleaching agent, — the lack of the necessary medical knowledge and the impossibility of control over the process.

Acid-containing products, the recommended "healer", dangerous for the enamel, because they are not less aggressive than chemical drugs.

Before you visit this or any other bleach is necessary for a specialist to be able to get individually, taking into account the contraindications.

In house conditions for safe teeth whitening with a special mouth protection, but as an additional means – medical toothpastes.

Methods for safe teeth whitening

In the Salons, and medical clinics a minimum idea of have a variety of options for a safe whitening, so you need to on their properties:

  1. The procedure with the use of laser light ones, to lasting effect, and the absence of unpleasant sensations are interested in. Today it is considered to be the safest, but still you need to take into account the individual contraindications.
  2. The System Air Flow (air flow), you can brighten up slightly the teeth. Use in chronic Bronchitis and Asthma, and dangerous.
  3. The photo gives a visible Whitening effect, but should only be used under the conditions of the clinic. The gums protect themselves with a special agent, and after application of fluoride, the cleaning is done.
  4. Chemical Bleaching Gel must be a doctor under the constant supervision of the tooth, because it requires a very careful execution.

If you have to choose between effectiveness and safety, you need to visit the dentist and undergo a comprehensive diagnosis.

Way gentle Bleaching can be used as a neutral if you want it to be, optimally, as in the case of a mutual responsibility of the Patient and the dentist leads to a very significant, and, what is important, the better the result.

Safe Teeth Whitening

Efficient and safe tooth whitening — the dream of all, the smile of a perfectly white Hollywood and not harmful to health. The Problem is that because of our eating habits, lack of oral hygiene and other factors, the tooth enamel is gradually pronounced yellow tinge. And get rid of it — a rather difficult task, it is good to solve that today, there are many options out there.

Dental Whitening gives you a radiant smile and healthy appearance. You can choose the services of professional dentists or home procedures. It all depends on your preferences and financial possibilities. At the discretion of you to clean the enamel of the teeth by a few shades lighter or radically whiten teeth.

It is important to remember that Bleaching is a serious procedure, even if you spend it at home, do not forget about safety. Otherwise you risk to make your teeth very sensitive or heavily damage the enamel.

Please note that Bleaching should undesirable attention for pregnant women and for people with sensitive tooth enamel in any case, a specialist, in order to be as gentle as possible cleaning of the teeth.

Safe methods of teeth whitening in dental medicine

safe teeth whitening

If you want to be sure in the effectiveness of the tooth whitening, is a good Option — you can contact us in the dental clinic. Experts choose the optimal method and calls how to repair the top layer of the enamel after the procedure.

Today, there are a variety of different ways to make a smile brighter.

Teeth cleaning

In the strict sense of cleaning — no bleach. But it is the safest procedure, which allows the enamel of the teeth a few shades lighter. And to be exact, cleaning smile back to its original color, because actually healthy tint of the teeth may not as white as snow. In General, enamel yellow or grayish.

  • The cleaning is done by several methods. Take note of the two most popular ways: the First cleaning with the help of the apparatus of Airflow delivers on the teeth, abrasive water jet solution. Small particles to remove soft plaque and yellow plaque.
  • To remove if you need to make dental stones, a good solution is the second option — ultrasonic cleaning would be. Vibrations allow to destroy and fixed deposits to remove the most difficult dirt.