Tooth whitening: important information

Advertising promises us that the owner of pearly teeth in a position to conquer the man of your dreams is only a smile. If the knight on the white horse is very, very necessary, of course, you should try all of the methods of the female stimulus. But independent tests teeth whitening — a high price for beauty, this can lead to forget about the smile, and the experienced dentists recommend you stop your choice on a professional cleaning, and not on the process of the chemical bleaching.


Tooth whitening

Usually, with the request that whiten your teeth in dental offices turn to women 25-40 years. Dentists recommend not carrying out the procedure of teeth whitening girls younger than 18-20 years. This is especially important to explain to the students that under the influence of advertising, and dreams about the snow white Dental Care.

What is the tooth colour is determined?

Oddly enough, the color of the teeth depends largely on the nationality. The inhabitants of Russia of teeth, usually not white, but yellowish. And, for example, the Americans, they have grey (by the way, grey whiten teeth harder than yellow). Also, the color of the teeth depends on what it eats and what a life the man leads — Email will be changed under the influence of coffee, cigarettes, food color.

Not the beauty and Hygiene

Even if the fact that man thoroughly brushing his teeth morning and evening, for at least three minutes, half a year, dentists recommend the implementation of, and professional tooth cleaning. It allows you to remove deposits from the teeth, which do not clean themselves. It is soft plaque and dental stones. Professional dental cleaning — hygienic procedure. You will not lightens the teeth, the price of this procedure — natural color. If it is to yellow, and the woman whiter teeth, after cleaning, you may provide additional treatment of the teeth with chemical substances.

Toothpastes, Gels, Chewing Gum

Constantly Whitening toothpastes and gels the doctors do not use recommended because they increase the sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold starts, can cause pain a sharp tooth. Chewing gums, such as bleaching agents, dental doctors not take it seriously. In the trade there are kits for home teeth whitening. Chemicals in this Set, you will not find included in the low concentrations, capable, efficient teeth bleaching. However, this dose of the concentrate from the micro-flora interfere with mouth.


As for any medical Manipulation, to the bleaching of the teeth, of course, there are counter-indications. Especially, bleaching of teeth, not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Whitening is contraindicated in the case and, if the Patient has many of the carious teeth. Also, this method is not recommended for a large number of fillings, after bleaching the contrast between the teeth and the seal is very visible, and you need to heal teeth and all. This is not always useful, since the exchange of the seal rings gradually destroys the teeth, therefore, the seal replace in the rule only to medical and not cosmetic need.

Some patients are on "tiled" color of the teeth. If in the dental clinic there is a beautician, they will explain that they look like teeth white is unnatural and tooth — price increases. Where attractive and charming look, smile, healthy, maybe a little white, but the main thing is clean, without stones, and Plaque from the teeth.